at I/O Coaching, we support leaders who are committed to excellence. We hold a high standard of performance among our clients and will push you to be the best version of yourself.

our clients are self-aware, driven, and ready to elevate their leadership to new heights.

we specialize in serving forward-thinking professionals within

Technology / mid-stage startups to Fortune 500

Financial Services / Hedge Funds and Private Equity

essential services to elevate team dynamics and performance

Our bespoke approach delivers immediate impact, transforming leadership capabilities and fostering cohesive team dynamics.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Elevate your leadership journey

  • Build executive presence
  • Refine decision-making
  • Sharpen strategic skills



Transform your team's dynamics

  • Align vision & strategy
  • Build team cohesion
  • Set clear goals

Workshops & Training

Energize your organization

  • Tackle leadership
  • Master communication
  • Inspire motivation

Peer Coaching for All Levels

Advance peer community

  • Foster support
  • Enhance collective wisdom
  • Unlock leadership growth

upleveling leadership.

Growing teams and driving results through others is complex and challenging. We help leaders to get more done with less while helping them to unlock their own potential.



Communication is key in the workplace. We help leaders refine their skills to navigate challenges and create impact.



Navigating high-pressure situations with clarity and grace, enhancing leadership effectiveness under stress.



Creating a strategic vision for your team, fostering a culture of high performance and accountability.

our founder

I/O Coaching is led by Nikki Goldman, a seasoned Executive Coach with robust operational experience. With an academic background from the University of Pennsylvania and executive coaching certification from Columbia University, she prioritizes data driven and ROI specific approaches.

Nikki developed the Input/Output Method, a targeted approach for leaders to overcome 2-3 significant challenges, ensuring impactful and measurable progress.

Under her leadership, a team of five expert coaches works closely with clients, employing direct, clear communication and efficient strategies tailored for real-world application. This practical and empathetic approach underscores our commitment to not just understand but effectively address the unique pressures our clients face.

input/output process



Our journey begins with a deep dive into your leadership profile, pinpointing strengths, challenges, and aspirations to craft a foundational understanding.



With insights from the assessment, we design a personalized action plan. Focusing on 2-3 critical areas, we set clear milestones and strategies for targeted development.



Here, we activate your growth through the Input/Output Methodology in hands-on sessions, directly tackling your specified areas for improvement.



The process culminates in a thorough review, measuring your advancement against initial objectives. This phase is enriched with feedback and strategic insights, setting the stage for ongoing leadership evolution.

transformative benefits

Enhanced Leadership

Decide strategically, project executive presence, and manage teams with confidence.

Increased Self-Awareness

Dive deep into your core values and strengths, identifying areas for growth.

Effective Communication

Inspire your team, resolve conflicts, and foster a united work environment.

Sustainable Professional Growth

Gain the tools and confidence for self-coaching, ensuring your growth continues.

why I/O coaching?

proprietary methodology

The cornerstone of our coaching, targeting precise leadership development goals. Through customized inputs based on your desired outcomes, we ensure every step leads to actionable, measurable progress.

bespoke development

We cusomize our programs to the unique challenges and dynamics of your workplace and industry. Coaching isn't a service that should "scale" so we don't. We treat every client as they're our only.

consultative approach

We engage deeply with our clients, integrating seamlessly with your team's workflow and challenges. This approach ensures our strategies are always relevant and aligned with your organizational goals.

authentic leadership

Our coaching empowers leaders to not only excel in their current roles but also to lay a strong foundation for continuous personal and professional evolution.

flexible model

We offer the flexibility of a month-to-month engagement model. This reflects our confidence in delivering value and supports your evolving journey without long-term commitments.

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frequent questions

how much do your services cost?

Since we are a small firm, we customize every engagement according to your scope and budget. We'll work with you to find a price that works for both parties.

if I'm not finding value, can I cancel?

Yes, we stand by our services 100%. We operate on a flexible month-to-month model so If at any point, you're not finding value, you can cancel. We also ask for tons of feedback along the way.

how does coaching work?

Executive coaching involves a one-on-one partnership between a trained coach and a client aimed at enhancing leadership skills, performance, and personal development. The process typically begins with setting clear goals and objectives, followed by regular sessions focused on self-reflection, feedback, and skill-building exercises tailored to the individual's needs. We employ various techniques such as active listening, questioning, and providing constructive feedback to help you gain insight, overcome challenges, and achieve your professional objectives.

when can I expect to see changes?

You'll see a few quick wins from every session but true and lasting behavior change takes time. We typically say aim for a minimum of 6-months.

how much work will this be for me?

Like anything, you get what you put in. Real transformation happens in between sessions when you're trying new techniques and testing new skills. How much effort you're willing to give will directly coorelate to the results you see.